Before asking “Where can I find fishing charters near me?” you should know what to look for in a charter. Fishing charters can vary in quality based upon several factors, including the knowledge and certifications of the captain. Choosing the right charter involves determining the type of fish that you wish to catch and where you would like to fish. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about booking the right charter to fit your needs.

What is charter fishing?

For the most memorable fishing trips, consider booking a charter. A charter is a type of trip hosted by a knowledgeable boat captain who takes you to a specific body of water for the purpose of catching some fish. Charters can last from several hours to a few days, depending on what you prefer. They can also be private or public. Some of the more lengthy charters typically provide sleeping accommodations on or off the boat.

A charter fishing boat can be of a variety of boat types, depending on the agency that you book with, the size of your group and the specific charter that you sign up for. In many cases, the agency provides several amenities, including all fishing equipment, bait and fishing accessories. Each charter will follow a specified path, which will give you an idea of the type of fish species that will be targeted.

What are deep sea fishing charters?

Deep sea charters work the same way as normal charters. However, while a standard charter may stay somewhat close to the shoreline, this type of charter sails out far into deep waters. This provides a unique fishing experience with varying fish species. Depending on the charter, fishermen may sale out 45 miles or further from the shoreline before lines are dropped. These are trips best suited for more serious fishers.

Things to Consider When Booking Fishing Charters

When booking fishing charters, it is important to review the various aspects of the charter that will affect your overall experience. By doing so, you can get a better idea of the variables that may be more important to you. This can help you narrow down your selection when reviewing various charter companies and packages.


If you are planning a fishing trip, you must consider the location that you intend to fish at. Different areas along the U.S. coast or abroad will offer different fish species. Additionally, you will need to review state and local laws to ensure that you meet all fishing regulations and requirements, such as applying for and obtaining the appropriate fishing license.

The Type of Fish You Wish to Catch

Fishing charters typically include a pre-planned route. This route will determine the type of fish species that you may encounter. Deep sea fishing may also extend the variation of fish that you can typically expect while on your trip. If there is a specific type of fish on your bucket list, you will need to find a charter that targets that species.

Your Group Size

Your group size is important as it will determine the overall cost of your charter as well as which charters you are eligible for. Each charter will have a group maximum, which is generally determined by the type of boat that will be used for the charter. This ensures that everyone fits safely and comfortably.

The Trip Duration

It is worth knowing that most agencies will offer multiple trip durations as part of various packages. Most fishing charters leave fairly early in the morning and can last a few hours, half a day, a full day or more than one day. Generally, the longer the trip duration, the higher the cost.

The Captain Can Make or Break a Charter

When considering an offshore or deep sea fishing charter, it is important to learn more about the captain and the crew that you will be taking your trip with. Your captain can make or break your experience for you. The ship’s captain should be knowledgeable about the local fish species, the area and fishing in general. Check to see if he or she holds certain certifications, such as CPR, which can be crucial should anything go awry.

Are there any amenities?

Most fishing charters include several amenities as part of a package deal. This typically includes the fishing equipment needed, such as poles, bait, lines and fish finders. However, this is not always the case with all charter companies. Therefore, you must consider amenities when reviewing the various offerings within your area. For example, you will need to determine whether or not a charter company offers food or snacks on board. If you are booking a full day or longer trip, having this amenity may be important to you.

Public or Private

Fishing charters typically offer both public and private charters, but you may find an agency that only provides one or the other. Public charters include large amounts of people from various groups rather than just you and your group. While private charters cater to only one group at a time, they are generally more expensive than public charters.

The Cost

Charter fishing fees can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the type of boat and the type of amenities that are offered. However, the cheapest charter available is not always the best option. While price should be a consideration, it is worth taking the time to review various charters within a specific cost range. This way, you will be more likely to have a memorable and positive experience without breaking the bank.

How do I find charter boats near me?

Once you are ready to book a fishing charter, you can likely find several available charters with a simple google search. You may also find a list of agencies within a given area by contacting local or state fishery or natural resource departments. Typically, charter agencies can be found near harbor areas. When reviewing multiple charter agencies, take the time to research each one thoroughly. It is also important to take into consideration what previous customers have to say about their experiences.