The cost of these vessels will typically be determined by the local economy, the type of boat you wish to rent, the size of boat you wish to rent and the length of time that you wish to rent the boat.Before asking, “Where are boat rentals near me?” it is important to learn more about some of the more popular types of boats that may be available as well as what you may need to have with you when renting a boat. Additionally, renting a boat will require you to meet eligibility requirements, including minimum age requirements.

Why boat rentals?

Boat rentals are fairly popular in comparison to owning a vessel for several reasons. For starters, not everyone can meet the financial demand required to own a boat. Not only is there an initial price of a boat, but a boat often requires boating insurance as well as maintenance and storage-related fees.

A boat rental will also help you avoid many of the tasks that owners must perform before and after each outing as well as on a routine basis. Owning a boat can be a lot of work, as boat maintenance is key to preventing serious damage and costly repairs.

Yacht Rentals

Yacht rentals have become more popular in recent years. However, this type of vessel is less popular strictly for fishing purposes. Yachts are very large vessels that range from 40 to over 300 feet long on average. Yachts often genuinely include a variety of amenities, including sleeping areas, spas, internet and chef services, depending on the rental agency. A yacht can accommodate a vast number of people, offering the vacation of a lifetime.

This type of rental is usually part of a yacht charter, a pre-planned trip that includes a crew to operate the vessel while guests onboard enjoy watersports and other activities. While there is no rule against fishing, this type of rental is very expensive in comparison to other vessel rentals. Therefore, it is an uncommon choice for fishing.

Pontoon Boat Rentals

If you are asking, “Where can I find pontoon boat rentals near me?” it is worth taking a look at local harbors and surrounding areas. Pontoon boats are a popular option for fishermen. Pontoon boats are more spacious, more powerful and faster than several other top choices. If you intend to rent a pontoon boat to fish, the rental agency may even include fishing poles, bait or fishing accessories at little to no additional charge.

Sailboat rental

As far as fishing boat rentals go, sailboats are not always the first choice. However, sailboats have become one of the major rentals for holiday fishing vacations, boosting the availability of this type of rental throughout the country. Sailboats range between 30 to 100 feet on average and can accommodate a good number of people. Sailboats are typically, though not always, rented as part of a charter.

Eligibility Requirements for Boat Rentals

Before asking, “Where can I find boat rentals near me?” it is important to review the eligibility requirements that you may need to meet, depending on the rental agency and the state that you will be renting within.

In order to request a boat rental, you must meet minimum age requirements that are determined by the state and agency. At the very minimum, you must be at least 18 years of age to rent a boat. However, some agencies will require you to be as old as 25 years of age. Additionally, some states require the completion of an educational course before operating a vessel.

To rent a boat, you will need to have a valid driver’s license or identification card. In most states, you will also be required to have a valid fishing license if you intend to fish on the vessel. Therefore, it is important to review your state’s boating laws and regulations regarding rentals and fishing before booking a rental.

What You Will Need for a Boat Rental

Boat rentals commonly include amenity options for free or for a small additional fee. These amenities will vary by agency, so it is important to contact the agency to review package information. In some cases, an agency may supply everything you need, including fishing poles, hooks, line, bait and fishing accessories. Some agencies may even supply meals for an additional fee.

In most cases, you will need to bring your state issued photo ID in order to obtain a rental. In states where a fishing license is required, you will likely need to present your license to the rental agency in order to confirm you rental.

How much is it to rent a boat?

Boat rentals vary in price based upon the rental location, agency, requested extra amenities, type of boat and size of boat. In most states, you will also be required to provide a deposit for any rental. For example, Maine requires a $500 security deposit on all rentals, regardless of the type of vessel you wish to rent.

Some fishing boat rentals are less costly than others. Kayaks, for example, can sometimes be rented for less than $100, depending on the area you intend to rent within. Yacht rentals are the most costly type of rental for boats. Therefore, it is important to review the fees within your area at a variety of agencies in order to get a more accurate cost average.

Where to Find Boat Rentals Near Me

If you are asking, “Where do I find boat rentals near me?” then it is important to search the web for rentals within your destination lake or region. You may also be able to obtain a list of rental agencies by contacting your local chamber of commerce or tourism office. You can also contact your local marina for a list of rental fleets within the area.

You may also be able to find boat rental by owner advertisements online through websites such as Craigslist. While these types of rentals may be cheaper than renting a boat from a business, renting from the owner of a vessel does come with its own risks. For example, the owner will likely not be able to offer you boat insurance and you also may not be able to receive the same type of amenities that would otherwise be available to you if renting from a business.